Bagboy C3 Review: DISCOVER A SECRET!

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I would say if you are a passionate golfer then you must have heard of Bagboy C3 Pushcart. Hey, don’t worry if you didn’t know about this cart. Our colorful Bagboy C3 review will help you to know each and everything about this cart.

One thing you need to know about the golf pushcart is that the pushcart will not help your golf ball to go straight but it will save your’s valuable time and shoulders.

Since you are now scrolling through this website, I am assuming that you are looking to buy it for you or someone close to you. I will point out the good and bad aspects of the product from my Real Life Experience.

In A Rush?
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Why Would It Be On Your Wish List?

Easy to fold, very lightweight and folds small that can easily make a place in your trunk along with your clubs.

Top lock technology will save you from the bags twisting in the pushcart.

Enclosed storage for beverage and umbrella and GPS holder.

Why Would It Be On Your Wish List?

✔  Easy to fold, very lightweight and folds small that can easily make a place in your trunk along with your clubs.

✔ Top lock technology will save you from the bags twisting in the pushcart.

✔ Enclosed storage for beverage and umbrella and GPS holder.

have a eagle eye on our Bagboy c3 review and find exactly what you want!

Why Wheels Is The Factor?

bagboy c3 wheels

Depending on many statistics and user experience data, I would say that the golf pushcart’s reliability depends largely on its wheels. Bagboy C3 comes with 3 wheels ( Rear 2 and Front 1). EVA maintenance-free wheels are larger than usual pushcart(Front: 9.5″ Rear: 11″). The rear wheel is bigger and the reasoning behind it is that it helps with better balance and speed.


Here Bagboy C3 comes with another great feature that is it’s rear wheels are individually adjustable so that your cart can always go straighter rather than drift left or right. Believe me, it’s really annoying to constantly make a small correction to your cart direction. In our bagboy c3 review we did not focus only in marketing! We are here with a bunch of information so that you can purchase what you want! As it EVA maintenance free that means there is no fear of being trapped or punctured on the tire.
Further more, as it is consist of ball bearings in the wheels, so it can easily move on any terrain.


bagboy c3 review

Well, think about why you would buy a golf Push Cart? Yeah, that’s right! So that you can move your golf items from one place to another by resting your shoulders. And you must have plenty of space to carry golf club items. I think Bagboy C3 won’t be disappointed you for their storage facilities. Bagboy C3 comes with extra deep scorecard holders including your golf ball storage.


You can use phone holder by the handle if you want to use your phone GPS to know the exact distance to hazards and greens. It will allow keeping your phone upright, visible all-time, making it easy to use. Besides this, we found some tactical issues in our bagboy c3 review! That the storage compartment is only held closed by a piece of a magnet! Hey, Don’t worry! it’s not a big deal. The piece of magnet power is enough to hold your storage tightly. But my experience says to be careful when you will fold and unfold your pushcart as it can open and spill your contents!

Brake Anytime & Anywhere!

bagboy c3 review

We know that not all golfers like foot brake and for many, it seems a bit awkward. For them, bagboy c3 relocated the brake to a hand-operated lever which situated at the top of the cart! My personal experience says that it’s really easy to engage or disengage. So our colourful golfers enjoy the ultimate brake system of the bagboy c3 cart and brake it in anytime and anywhere!


✅ Build with very lightweight and strong weather resistance aluminium frame .
✅ Solid foam maintenance free tires which will save your valuable penny and time.
✅ Extra large storage for your beverage and scorecard holders.
✅ Top lock technology will saves you from the bags twisting in the pushcart.
✅ Hand-operated brake lever will bring a new dimension in your golfing experience.
✅ A net to hold small items (perfect for a couple of extra golf balls).


❌Maybe the umbrella holder is too short for some person to stand under the manufacturer’s umbrella.
❌ Need to buy accessories bag separately.

Baboy C3 Commonly Asked Questions

Q: If I fully load my pushcart then will the club items interfere with the beverage holder?
A: Frankly, it’s bit tight. And I don’t use Bagboy bag. I have a ninja technique! That is, i keep my bag lightly curved. And it worked out perfectly for me.
Q: Does the front wheel swivel or pivot?
A: My answer is NO. For this you need to lift your cart and turn it around in your desirable direction.
Q: Can i adjust the upper handle?
A: Yes, we briefly discussed about it in our bagboy c3 review. Besides this i’m answering you quickly that it does in many positions and works very well. & you can adjust it.
Q: Does the cart comes with an umbrella holder?
A: Hey, read our colourful section and i mention it above.  Yes an umbrella holder is included with this

Our Last Words

After a long discussion, we are here at the end of our bagboy c3 review. If you’re searching something that is very inexpensive but passionate and features able than bagboy c3 pushcart is for you! Being honest it’s a little bit awkward that they missed accessories bag besides that
some person complaint about umbrella holder is too short. But hey, it’s still the best golf cart if you count your every penny and comparing to it’s richest features. So our colourful reviewer’s
team highly recommend it!

This is the end of our bagboy c3 review. We hope you enjoyed our review. Thank you for reading our review patiently. Golfcolour team loves your companion.

This post contains affiliate links.

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