The 10 Best Golf Balls for Women

Since women have various golf bags, clubs, and attire, multiple golf balls are meant for them. These people are associated with slower swing speed, and therefore it’s advisable to get them the Best golf balls for women. Such golf balls come with a lightweight graphite shaft, featuring ladies-flex suitable for minimized swing speed.

For your information, sometimes the colour might be the main difference between men golf balls and women golf balls. This shouldn’t be the case here because below are many options that can help slower swing speed. What you need is to go through the reviews carefully and decide.

Things to consider when buying the Best golf balls for women

Since there’re multiple golf balls for women in the market, sometimes you may get confused. You need a complete guide to lead you to the best golf balls for women. With the necessary knowledge, one can quickly end up with the wrong choice; no more regrets.

For your correct choices, the following are some of the standard parameters that you must adhere to when buying a golf ball. You don’t have to decide blindly; you may throw your money. So why don’t you consider these factor?

Ball flight

The best golf ball should always have a great ball flight; you don’t have to worry about your opponent’s techniques. Women are associated with good-gaining ball flight challenges. They tend to complain that it’s hard for them to drive the ball far and high.

For this reason, you must consider gaining excellent ball flight when purchasing a suitable golf ball.

Swing speed

Here is another primary consideration that should stick in your mind when heading to the golf ball store. Most golfers have swing speed that ranges from 60 to 70 mph. Therefore, this parameter plays a vital role when playing golf.

You don’t have to be worried about your swing speed. Just know that swing speed for men is heavier. So, if you fall under people with lower or moderate swing speed, don’t hesitate to look for a model with excellent swing speed. You need to swing the ball effortlessly.

Better control

As a lady golfer, you have to consider more landing and control the ball. You need to do this in the right place at the right time for incredible impact. Therefore, when stretching for a 50-yard hit, you don’t need distance anymore. What you need is control.

For this reason, Surlyn covered golf balls for women remain perfect for great control.

The feel

Soft feel is what most women golfers require in the pitch; nothing else. Your preference matters a lot in determining the feel, soft or hard. It would help if you had a golf ball associated with minimized fatigue; play for extended hours.

1. Bridgestone Lady Precept Ladies Golf Balls

If your swing speed is moderate, then Bridgestone Golf cares for you. These golf balls are perfectly designed for you, coming with incredible trampoline impact. They are the softest balls that you will meet in the market for women.

To achieve excellent distance, a golf ball should compress at the right level to produce the necessary trampoline impact. This means that, for a softer ball, compression is excessive; hence the distance will be compromised.

On the contrary, those golf balls that are too offers you a reduced rebound effect, resulting in distance loss. The Bridgestone Golf Balls, therefore, comes with everything you need for creating both boasting distance and maximum trampoline effect.

Women golfers can now achieve extended distance with a lot of comfortability. It features a 2-piece ionomer softcover, boasting a remarkable gradation core to reduce fatigue. More so, the design of this golf ball is attractive, primarily with its white colour.

Besides, they feature a 330-seamless dimple style for an extended distance.


  • White colour enhances high visibility
  • Longer distance
  • High launch
  • Incredible firmness, excellent ball flight


  • Not long-lasting
  • Relatively less driving speed

2. Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls, Prior Generation

Have a taste of another type of golf balls from Callaway manufacturing Company. The Brand is famous for producing superior options on the market based on who will be using them. Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls are not explicitly designed for women golfers but for anyone with slower swing speed.

It’s one of the softest golf balls ever produced by the Company and comes in different colours, i.e., traditional white, yellow, optical, pink, etc. Colour variations allow you to easily spot the ball either in the grass or in the air.

It features a two-piece construction design, guaranteeing remarkable results for those in need of feel and distance mixture. Additional Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls boasts the latest Low Drag Hex style to the dimple pattern.

Therefore, anyone with a slower swing rate can rely on these balls; they offer a great combination. Thee ultra-low compression minimizes spin for an extended distance. On the other hand, low spin encourages straight ball flight.


  • Low compression
  • Two-piece construction
  • Moderate price
  • Colour variations increase visibility
  • Straight ball flight


  • Not durable
  • Some balls might not be visible on some occasions

3. Srixon Soft Feel Lady Golf Balls 

Soft feel is what you get from this type of golf balls. Srixon Lady Golf Balls offers women slower speed golfers with an explicitly soft feel and excellent distance performance. The golf ball is suitable for women golfers since it’s smooth and can travel extended distances in a matter of seconds.

More so, it’s associated with the higher launch to enhance extra distance. The 338-speed dimple pattern is another exciting feature that you will find in this ball; it encourages consistency and accuracy. The lower drag-coefficient dimple composition makes the ball incredibly appealing.

Besides, Lady Golf Balls feature a thin, softcover to provides superior greenside spin. The mechanism is also essential in giving the softer feel; pitches, putts, and chips don’t matter at all. Surprise your daughters or wife with a few Dozens; they will praise you.


  • They are visible either in rough or fairway
  • Dimple pattern improves accuracy and consistency
  • Soft-feel, thin cover maximizes greenside spin
  • Clear visibility
  • Well-constructed core provides high-rate ball trajectory


  • Low-compression balls; not durable
  • Pink colour only

4. Volvik Crystal Golf Balls

If you have never tested a three-piece golf ball, then here is one for you from Volvik. Apart from women golfers, advanced players with moderate swing speeds can still use the ball and make their day. Yeah, Volvik Crystal Golf Balls offers you more explosiveness with a soft feel.

Many golfers affirm that these balls are popular because of their softest impact when hitting. So, instead of just hearing, why don’t you try out for yourself? The product comes in a variety of colours for visibility. Invest in it if you care about colours.

The game will be just tasteful, from yellow to orange, plus other assorted colours! Tracking the balls is, therefore, manageable, unlike traditional while ball colours.

You also get optimal spin speeds and maximized putting feel due to the more durable surlyn crystalline layer. Apart from cover durability, you enjoy a soft feel. Generate accurate explosive distance; don’t worry about your opponents anymore.

Since Volvik Crystal Golf Balls are perfectly designed for swing speeds ranging from 60-95 mph. Comfort and explosiveness make the ball worth buying.


  • Soft feel and impact
  • Long compression
  • Great flight
  • Longer distance
  • 392 dimples enhance lower resistance
  • Budget-friendly


  • Chips and wear easily
  • Suitable for high-speed swing women

5. Wilson Staff Zip Golf Balls 

You are a beginner, and you don’t have suitable golf balls for startups. Equip your game with some Zip using Wilson Staff Zip Golf Balls. The combination of pan-head dimple style and low-compression core makes the ball outstanding in the market.

It is associated with high-performance rubber mixed core to provide you with the softest feel. When this mechanism is combined with an ionomer layer, you grasp soft greenside exceptionally control.

Wilson Staff Zip Golf Balls go long and straight; there is no denying it. What makes the ball suitable for slower swing speed players is the combination of lower compression and shallower dimples. Don’t you see it’s exciting?

These balls are not associated with much scuffing; they are long-lasting than some of their counterparts on the market. PhD cover design is another name for Pan-head dimple design that decrease drags when these golf balls are in the air.


  • Penetrates the air excellently
  • The PhD cover can increase speed
  • Excellent flight trajectory
  • Compression rubber core enhance robust energy transfer
  • The internal blended core maximizes durability


  • Not soft enough
  • Cheap design

6. Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Ball –Pink 

Don’t struggle with swing speed anymore. Have a taste of these women golf balls. Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Ball is famous for travelling well and remains a beginner’s choice.

Professionals mostly use these balls, and they are a bit responsive to the player. More so, they are associated with powerful spin and feature a stable flight. The advanced rubber core offers a long-distance with excellent greenside spin.

For comfortability and soft feel, the responsive cover of the Wilson Staff women golf ball features a low-driver spin. This art enhances superior acceleration with remarkable softness.

So, if you are looking for an outstanding balance of feel and distance, then Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Ball has got you back. The 50 compression is just enough for any player with a slower swing speed.


  • Longer distance
  • Low-driver spin
  • Multi-colour options
  • Extremely responsive coverings
  • It is soft for a soft feel
  • Air resistant and high-ball speed


  • It is hard to control the ball on the greens
  • Difficult to shot with a putter
  • Multiple soft covers reduce the product’s durability.

7. Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls

How about giving a trial to these golf balls from the Callaway brand? They are fantastic and come with the necessary balance of soft feel and distance. It’s time to stop hearing what people say and test the balls for you. Dig deeper to identify what is the item’s uniqueness.

Callaway supersoft is a straight, long-distance ball that is exceptionally soft. Furthermore, the extra-low compression core encourages excellent ball speed. Such combination is, therefore, essential in increasing accuracy.

The model is also equipped with optimized Low-Drag Hex Aerodynamics to minimize drags. It also works incredibly to improve lift for longer distance and longer carry. This technology helps the ball to penetrate the air effortlessly.

As if that is not enough, Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls are equipped with Trionomer covering with low compression. This art is significant in ensuring maximized greenside control and enhanced feel. You will easily spot and control the golf ball in the greens.


  • Offers softer feel
  • High-quality design
  • Multiple colours for visibility
  • Straight and long ball flights
  • Softballs and great feel
  • Improved shots and accuracy


  • These balls are a bit firm
  • Unsuitable for all

8. Bridgestone 2019 e6 Lady Golf Balls 

Another incredible golf ball option comes from Bridgestone; 2019 model. This golf ball for women is packaged for consistent performance. One of the great features is Aerodynamics. Such a part makes the ball travel higher distances, setting it far from its competitors in the market.

Apart from women golfers, anyone with moderate clubhead speed can still utile this item for a soft feel and better balance. With one’s long drivers and irons, the golf ball can generate low spin. This implies longer and straighter flights.

The ball can penetrate in the air effortlessly with reduced drag. Besides, the manufacture equipped the ball with a low-compression core, necessary for offering a soft feel and boosting the ball rate.

Additionally, the available Delta Dimple design is essential in balancing air resistance and averting pop-ups. In other words, the structure encourages straighter shots.  Most golfers struggle with consistency, but Bridgestone 2019 e6 Lady Golf Ball is the solution.


  • Ionomer cover prevents hooks and slices
  • Excellent ball speed
  • Softer feel
  • Straighter and longer distance
  • The Aerodynamics enhance long-distance travels


  • Quite expensive
  • A lot of extra covers reduce the longevity of this golf ball.

9. Volvik Vivid Matte Finished Coloured Golf Balls

The second last product on the list comes from Volvik Company, prominent for high-quality golf balls.  Volvik Vivid is the best, and first world’s selling matte finished golf balls. Both professional and beginners will testify their greatness.

They are also the best for balance and soft feel; women golfers enjoy playing around with such items. Besides, golfers with driver clubhead speeds ranging from 70 to 90 MHP can rely on this product. It maximizes their distance.

The matte finish incredibly allows you to spot the ball either in the air or air; it comes in 11 varying colours. The colour variations enhance high visibility.

Another fantastic feature in Volvik Vivid women golf ball is the 3-piece construction. The design remains useful in producing higher wedge spin and lower driver spin with an excellent ball flight.

For consistent stability, the ball is equipped with a Matte Finish Ionomer layer and a 322-dimple pattern.


  • Excellent flight speed
  • Remarkable flight distance
  • Soft feel
  • Colour variations enhance the high visibility


  • Not durable

10. Bigg Golf Score Crusher Distance Golf Balls 

The most versatile is what experts refer to as this golf ball. It’s suitable for both women and men with moderate swing speed. So, if you fall under this category, don’t hesitate to invest in this attractive option.

It is associated with high velocity, explosive distance, exceptional greenside feel, and straight ball flight. Besides, the golf boasts an excellent combination of dimple pattern and Neodymium Reactor Inner core for the secret sauce. Such a blend makes the item a game-changer.

Additionally, the above combination maximizes great power at impact, optimizing the initial launch. This art enhances maximum distance and carry. On top of that, the Ionomer cover boosts soft feel, shear-resistant durability, and spin.

What else do you need in a golf ball? Everything is packed into Bigg Golf Score Crusher Distance Golf Balls for you. Please give it a trial, and thank me later!


  • Great impact at impact
  • High velocity
  • Explosive distance
  • Exceptional greenside feel
  • Secret sauce


  • It’s not long-lasting

Frequently asked questions

What golf ball type should ladies use?

Various golf balls in the market are specifically designed for women, while others are for men. Besides, we have some versatile options, meaning that a woman or a man can use them. However, women require softballs.

Are colourful golf balls proper?

Of course, yes, especially for women. This gender is in love with colour variations for higher visibility. Colourful balls allow you to spot them easily in the greenside or air.

What is the recommendable compression rate?

Most of these golf balls feature compression rate ranging from 45 to 70.


It doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to get information from a particular manufacturer’s website; the best golf balls for women should embrace a long-distance and soft feel. This attribute combination is what any golfer would wish to have when striking a golf ball.

Hopefully, the above product reviews help you make the right decision. Don’t rely on what people say to decide; dig in for you. I am not saying that customer reviews are misleading, but try out some products to determine the truth.

This post contains affiliate links.

This post contains affiliate links.

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