The 8 Best Putter for Women

Are you tired of using men's putter in your game? Can't you find the right one for women? Do not be disappointed. We will help you find the best putter for women.

Halsey- who loves to play golf and training to become a professional one has also shared the importance. She struggled to find the right one while practicing. But after the fourth purchase, she found the perfect one for herself.

A putter is a must for every golf player. Men and women's putter does not have a huge difference. Still, those changes are crucial for female players.

In this review, we will provide you with all the things you need to know. And also discuss different brands to find the best one. Without further delay, let's explore the world of women's putter.

 Review for the Best Putters in the Market

Golf is often recognized as a "Gentlemen's Game." But now, women are also part of that world. It is hard to find the best putter for women where manufacturers concentrate on men putters most.

As there are different brands, it can be confusing for you to decide.

To eliminate your doubts, we will be reviewing some of the best putters of all time. Whether you are a beginner or professional, it will help you to understand and discover fundamental clubs for playing. So, let's start with the analysis.

1. Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 

It has to be the first name on your list. Odyssey putters are a popular name in the golf world. This club's model is the replacement of the original Odyssey White Hot. The upgradations of the combination of design and technical features are highly praisable.

You can also call it the best women's putter for beginners. It is an engineered club to increase the performance level, durability, sound, and feel throughout your playing time. Callaway- the manufacturer did a great job giving it a sleek finish with aesthetics and reducing the glare.

This putter's eye fit system provides the player with a straight back and arch and at the same time be closer to the ball.

On top of the clubhead, there are alignment aids for taking your vital shots. The laser milling system allows the user to have an accurate tolerance level.

This gadget has a popular blade and comes with a mallet head shape that allows the player to hit without using too much physical input or energy. This brand can be the best putters of all time.


  • The performance level is very high.
  • It is easy to use
  • Has high forgiveness and is very responsive
  • The feature of the toe weighting system gives you a better response and total comfort.


  • The user takes time to get used to the club.
  • It comes with limited color options.

2. Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach Soft Women’s Putter

This putter is a fantastic product for golfers. If you are looking for a tool for controlling and minimizing damages of a lousy stroke- this one is for you.

It comes with speed optimized face technology that is inside the Huntington Beach SOFT line. This feature can normalize ball speed across the clubface.

The unique milling pattern also offers steady speed and distance. Even when the shot is off-centered, it can create a consistent roll. A diamond CNC milling pattern increases the resistance.

Players who prefer oversized grip can easily buy it. The headcover is also a nice one with velcro closure.

Each of them has mild 304 stainless steel that is 51% softer than 17-4. Additionally, deep CNC face milling will make you more confident on the field.


  • It has a simple but effective alignment aid.
  • Rolls consistently and very forgiving
  • Great value for money


  • The headcover size is small, with a velcro system.

3. Pinemeadow Golf Women’s PGX Putter

Pine meadow is a famous brand for users who looks for a gadget at an affordable price. For women, it is a great choice. Considering the player profile, it is the best putter for mid handicappers.

The white finish creates a contrast when you are on the green. The white color keeps your focus on the alignment when you are on the green. From the beginning, it also guarantees the putter is on the target.

If you are struggling to get the right mallet putter, this can be perfect at a reasonable price. It is a consistent mallet putter that is also good for the high handicapped player.

The PGX headcover is a custom one that you will love. It has an oversized grip. So, if you have a small hand, check it before buying. The club has a length of 33 inches for women.


  • Great deal if you are trying to keep the cost down.
  • It provides the best quality in the price range.
  • It works well on the faster surface.


  • Sometimes the faceplate comes off on this club.

4. Wilson Staff Harmonized Golf Putter

It has a square heel or toe putter. The grip size is new and more extensive. Now it has a face insert with multiple densities in the microinjection.

Wilson designed the grip exclusively for the users. It gives you a soft feel while grabbing. Because of the vertical seam, you will find maximum comfort from the oversize grip.

If you are in search of the best putter for alignmentthis can be it. The guides will lead to successful shots and place the ball in the hole.


  • Mid-high handicap players will find it ideal.
  •  You will have outstanding ball control.
  • It Offers you maximum forgiveness.
  • Increased and improved alignment
  • Has a professional look


  • Other clubs can get damage from the sharp edges.

5. Ray Cook Golf- Ladies Silver Ray SR600 Limited Edition Teal Putter

Ray Cook Golf is a known name for golf lovers. It will give you a wide range of options for choosing. They offer clubs at a reasonable price.

The SR600 we are going to talk about- is a limited edition model for women. If you notice, the color is a combination of white and teal. The contrast on the green stands out clearly. This one also has a length of 33 inches.

When you use this club, the feeling of a good weight, balance, and roll is there. The grip size is comfortable for women's hands.

When you use this club, the feeling of a good weight, balance, and roll is there. Moreover, the shaft is made of steel. It should be on your list if you prefer mallet.


  • Great value for money.
  • The gadget is well balanced.


  • The lightweight is not desirable.

6. Twin Engine Red Mallet Golf Putter 

This one is for right-handed users. It weighs 340gm, and the head is "tour-weighted," which means ideal for faster green.

The aiming channels help users to target for better alignment. That results in more accurate and confident putts. To secure and expand the moment of inertia, the club weighs to the perimeter.

T7 Twin Engine provides it with a red and white combination. Visibility and contrast are excellent for playing.  Across the striking surface, it is engineered for feel, consistent sound, and performance enhancement.

It can be the best putter for women as it is adept at rotating the ball in a smooth roll because of the upgraded milled face and insert.

The brand included premium grip for buyers. This feature ensures you have a non-slip surface that gives you comfort and more playability.


  • The contrast allows the eyes to key in on linear designs to strengthen the face angle, increasing concentration.
  • It provides perfect balance and superior accuracy.
  • The Twin Engine Alignment System encourages precise shots.
  • Improves your performance


  • Expensive product with a high price

7. Tour Edge Women’s lady Edge Putter

Lady Edge is not a brand you will recall at the first attempt. They are not famous compared to others in the market. But that does not stop it from making quality putters. Their primary focus is on women's sports accessories.

Two distinct head design feature makes it more desirable. Other than that, the high-MOI part makes sure it stays steady. The result is success in straighter strokes and putts to get the ball inside the hole.

It has oversized grips to support wrist activities while taking shots. The putter is available in three colors. But teal one is the most attention seeker among users.


  • High-MOI design-focused design
  • There is an alignment bar.
  • It allows you for easy visual alignment.
  • This club offers a stable wrist position with the grip.
  • Quality products with reasonable price


  • Lack of long irons can be annoying.

8. Bionik 105 Nano White Golf  Putter

The Bionik 105 is a semi-mallet design club. The 32 inches length product is excellent for ladies.

The nano white is a unique paint that gives the head a distinctive look with durability. Regular ones create scratches, but this one can avoid it. It also helps to align the putter toward targets easily.

A honeycomb pattern milled face insert with a zinc body ensures high performance. The head is rear weighted that allows correct strokes. Players can expect better alignment with the help of aiming channels. It is designed to feel and perform with steady sounds.


  • It has a perfect alignment system for consistent strokes.
  • The gadget includes an ideal weight for balance and fewer miss-hits.
  • It is featuring "tour-weighted" for the right balance.


  • The insert can be too springy that the ball comes off of it sometimes.

We tried to enlighten you with the best putters in our knowledge. If you ask for the best one, it will be difficult to answer. It varies from person to person as each has a different preference while buying. You can use the content information to choose a suitable item.

User Guide for Buying

If you are not at peace with your putter, you will not be able to putt in the game. Beginners may struggle to find the perfect one.

One has to try out quite a few ones to find the best suited. Sometimes customization can be the solution as well.

The best putter will change the game for you. There are different criteria to consider while buying. Knowing more about it will increase the chance of finding the best putter for women.

Consider the following information as a guide when you decide to buy one.


It should be one of the critical criteria. With the right one, you will feel confident. Besides, quality strokes and flexibility are ensured.

An uncomfortable length can lead to a bad posture. Also, it becomes an obstacle to delivering a good stroke. Measure the distance from the bottom of the club beneath the hosel to the top of the shaft.

According to the rule, the minimum length is 18 inches. But there is no limit for the maximum size. You should be able to put your arms at ease towards the ball.

There are three types of length available for the clubs. The first one is the "Traditional Putter," which measures from 32 to 36 inches.

"Belly Putters" have a length from 41 to 46 inches. They are helpful to bring stability to the putt. "Long Putters" is the least common that can be 48 to 52 inches.


Remember that too lightweight can cause inconsistency to your strokes. Some people may prefer extra heavyweight. But heavier ones are difficult to control putt speed.

So, the option is to find a middle ground. Try out a few and find the one that holds the perfect balance for you.

Head design:

There are mainly three types available. They are- blade, peripheral-weighted, and mallet. These clubs specialize in better and controlled stroke.

The oldest and traditional design is the "Blade Putters." Best for straight putting strokes and requires a delicate touch.

The peripheral-weighted, also called toe-heel weighted, is an evolution in the world of putters. The extra added weight gives more consistency.

The last one is "Mallet Putters." Tee shots are more stable and forgiving with them. Manufacturers provide several alignment aids and shapes on the back of the head for better putts.


A good grip is crucial for the players. It is beneficial when they are allowed to use the different types with the clubs. The flat top surface, regular or oversized- you will find these for improving stroke skills while playing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are putters durable?

There is no definite answer. The durability will depend on the material, how many times you have used them, how long you have played with them.

The golf club irons last the longest. You can have it for 8-12 years. The head of a driver is made of a relatively fragile element. The life span will be a maximum of five years. Fairway woods last almost 150-200 rounds.

So, the whole concept is relative. You can only have a rough idea depending on the price and usage.

What is the difference between men's and women's putter?

If you consider the difference, there are not many. The significant difference is the length and color options.

The standard length for women is 33 inches. It can always change depending on the height of the player. You can find a women's putter length chart on the internet.

Also, the grip is essential. Women tend to have smaller hand size than men. So, women's putter has a comparatively small grip.

What are the most desirable features?

While making a purchase decision, we always take a good look at the features. It allows for understanding the product better. When it comes to a women's putter, it has a wide range of features to examine.

The first one is how it feels to you when you hold it. Then, the type of club. Choose between a blade putter or a mallet putter.

The next thing is the weight. Find the appropriate one. At last, if a club has an alignment line or dots- it will become more desirable.

Why are putters so expensive?

It is not necessarily true. You can always get a good one at an affordable price. It is the materials, technologies, brands, and quality that makes the difference.

Some brands produce high-quality products, and their customers are also high-end. The number of players or beginners who do not want to spend a tremendous amount of money is not also less. So, there are budget-friendly gadgets as well.

Make sure you researched before you buy.


Golf requires a lot of hard work, skills, practice, and the right equipment to become proficient. Though men dominate it, things are changing. Women players are still less in number compared to men. But the number is increasing.

The best putter for women has become essential to leave their mark in the game. From beginners to professionals, putters are available for everyone. Brands that produce women's putter make sure they have all the features and technologies for the best shot.

Golfers use a putter for the final hit of the ball in the hole. So, it is vital to have the right one.

This post contains affiliate links.

This post contains affiliate links.

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