caddytek ez fold 3 review: now folding is fun!

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Hey, its CADDYTEK!

In the community of golf, CaddyTek has gone to a new cliff to discover and sustain its new golf-related items. CeddyTek is an enthusiastic name to many avid golfers on the globe. And we are here to focus on caddytek ez fold 3 review and it’s the most exciting product of the caddytek brand.  Since you are on this website, I assume you are one of the avid golfers. Did we think of you a little too much? There is no reason for suspicion! Our dedicated Expertise Reviewer’s will bring colour to your golf life and make your shopping more appealing.

In A Rush?
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CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe

Why Would It Be On Your Wish List?

Easy to fold with one click button mechanism.

Fairly lightweight and compact with strong aluminum core.

Wide range of wheels that can move on any landscape.

Why Would It Be On Your Wish List?

✔ Easy to fold with one click button mechanism.

✔  Fairly lightweight and compact with strong aluminium core.

✔  Wide range of wheels that can move on any landscape.

✔ Enclosed storage for beverage and GPS holder.


Never listen to other people’s expectations. You should live your life and live up to your own expectation.

Tiger Woods

Famous words come from famous people.  This is the reason for mentioning it here is if you want to buy something, consider the importance of your needs rather than what  others have said. So read our caddytek ez fold 3 review and meet your expectations!


Caddytek ez fold 3 review

Many thanks to CeddyTek, because they brought a one-click mechanism to this product keeping in mind the needs of golfers and contemporary issues, which will take your Folding Experience to new heights! There are words such as name work. That’s why you’ve heard this name so many times that it’s a fold-able golf push cart!

Colour Tips

We are here with  a vast of color tips ! So, that our caddytek ez fold 3 reviews can help you to manage your lovely pushcart easily. To fold up the CaddyTek EZ Fold 3 pushcart beyond the left-hand side use your Red button on the wheels just push in and fold over the wheel under over the bag sets.

To UNFOLD, hold on to the handle of the thing. Keep the thing parallel to the ground at a 45 degree angle and pull up until you hear the click sound.

As Weightless As Your Acer Predator 21X!

caddytek ez fold 3 review

CaddyTek EZ Fold 3 brings 18.5 lbs of golf cart to make your life comfortable. Which is really amazing! The use of aluminum frames makes this golf cart much lighter and more durable.

Wheels = Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA)

Caddytek ez fold 3 wheels

Yes! You are right. It has been used with 11.5 “x 2.6” EVA maintenance-free tires so you can easily transmit it on any terrain and no need to worry about tires puncher.

Colour Tips:

Hey golfers, no need to worry! In our caddytek ez fold 3 review you’ll learn how to assemble your favorite cart! To assemble the wheels simply pull the locking mechanism up insert the wheels and close
until it clicks!

Storage Like Never Before!

Caddytek ez fold 3 review

Pendant basket with built-in cooler. Separate rack for holding an umbrella, cup-holder, cellphone and GPS has taken the caddytek ez fold 3 to another level.

Colour Tips:

Don’t be Puzzle! To fix Cup Holder it’s easier if you put it parallel to the handlebars slid and
rotated down and finally push it straight down.

It’s Handle!

Caddytek ez fold 3 handle

You can easily switch between straight or pivot mode by toggling the lever on your favorite CaddyTek EZ Fold 3 handle to move on or off the golf course easily.

Ultimate Brake!

caddytek ez fold 3 review

As you are a golfer you may need to stride on the hilly course. For this reason, Caddytek EZ Fold 3 has an instant foot brake system and will stop your cart quickly and will not allow it anywhere.

Colour Tips:

There is a possibility of amputating the rubber grip on the handle provided with the product, so
Be Careful!


✅ Effortless to fold with one click button device.
✅ Lightweight with a strong aluminum core and small enough to fit in the trunk of your car.
✅ Wide range of wheels that can move on any landscape.
✅ Storage for beverage and umbrella and GPS holder.
✅ Easy to assemble.
✅ A net to hold small items (perfect for a couple of extra golf balls).


❌ Built-in a storage pouch with a zippered small soft cooler pouch (may fit two beverages max)
❌ Clip-on the handle is slightly weak and may cause damage for inappropriate use.

CaddyTek EZ-Fold 3 Frequently Asked Question

Q.Does the lower misc bag is free with this pushcart or do I have to purchase it separately?
No, you don”t need to buy it. because its comes with cooler. From the official notice of caddytek it’s said that use lower bag strap to fold your pushcart as it’s more secure and easily you can handle it.
 Q. If I fold my cart then what will happen? I mean is it lock automatically?.
Yes, the cart will lock automatically as I said earlier.
Q. Is the upper handle is adjustable for taller people?.
Yes, It is adjustable. For your kind information, I’m 6’2″ and it works great for me.
Q.  Does the foot brake works well, especially on hills?.
Yes, we briefly discuss it on our caddytek ez fold 3 review. Here is an example ( I walk on a pretty hilly course with my golf-mate and have had no problems facing still now at all with the CaddyTek and it staying
in a place where you want to stop with the brake on.)

Q. Tell me about  the difference with caddytek Superlite?

A. The answer is quite complex to explain here have a request to read our Caddytek SuperLite review.

Our Last Words

What is the feeling of your heart after reading all the sections of our caddytek ez fold 3 review? Exactly so is ours! If you care about the value for money, much features and longevity, then the CaddyTek EZ Fold 3 will be the ultimate decision for you!

And if you find any other feature that appeals to you and distorts its bad side, check out our other products reviews. The rich colourful reviews of our other products will surely captivate
you and help you make the right decision. Thank you for staying with us. Our colourful reviewer’s team loves your companion.

This post contains affiliate links.

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