Before going to read our caddytek superlite deluxe golf push cart review try to remember
something very important. Can you remember that famous quote from Warren Buffett about investment?

 Well, I’m helping you to remember the phrase “The rich invest in time, the poor
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Since you are a golfer you know very well that buying a golf cart is not an unnecessary expense but it is one of the most profitable investments in the golf sector.

And if your choice is the CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe Golf Push Cart then CONGRATULATIONS!
Assume that you gonna use your pocket money suitably.
If you think you should buy the most desirable golf pushcart on a decent budget then take a look at our colourful analyses.

In A Rush?

There Are 3+1 Reasons to buy!

Caddytek EZ fold 3

Why Would It Be On Your Wish List?

✔ Easy to fold with one click button mechanism.

✔  Fairly lightweight and compact with strong aluminium core.

✔  Wide range of wheels that can move on any landscape.

✔ Enclosed storage for beverage and GPS holder.

In A Rush? There Are 3 Reasons To Choose From Our Expert Buy!


Colourful Team Rating


CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe

Why Would It Be On Your Wish List?

The CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe Golf Push Cart is extremely lightweight which helps to make your golf course easy.

All 3 wheels (11 inches main and 8-inch front) are maintenance-free and ensure smooth movement in any terrain.

Patented foot brakes that can allow your pushcart to an instant stop.


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We know that nothing on earth can bring 100% perfection. However, caddytek superlite deluxe golf push cart review may win your mind by meeting all your needs and accessories. And that’s why our experts have brought you this colourful review.


caddytek superlite review

When you want the best product at the best price, the name of this product in my head repeatedly rotates. And since golfers are crazy about the feature, then maybe this product is made for you!
Using a product of the same genre is always annoying to everyone. That’s why the CaddyTek SuperLite Push Cart’s Black and Lime and also more 3 colour combination gives it an edge.

caddytek superlite review

Understanding Wheels

If you want to buy a good golf push cart, you need to have an idea about the wheels of the pushcart. There are many brands that I have seen that make golf pusher wheels much more complicated.

But I’m assuming that as you are very shrewd so you are interested in CaddyTek SuperLite Delux Golf Push Cart and you’re now reading this review. Coming to the point- The two 11-inch rear wheels with ball bearings and the 8-inch front wheels can move smoothly on any upper and lower ground.

The rear wheel is bigger and the reasoning behind it is that it helps with better balance and speed.
So, I think there’s nothing to worry about with the wheel here. If you’re a four wheel lover than you can check our CaddyTek One Version 8 Review.

Size And Weight are Crucial?

Caddytek superlite weight

Suppose you bought a golf push cart but that did not take place in the back trunk of your car! Then it’s a very thoughtful thing to say. The folded dimensions are 18.11 x 16.13 x 33.46 inch (L x W x H) for your trunk storage. So nothing to worry! This is your trunk friendly.

Do you have an idea about the weight of this golf pushcart? Let’s help you get an idea. It weighs less than a cute puppy in your home. At precisely 13.78 pounds this golf push cart is extremely light. In fact, when you go to the golf course with your Golf Push Cart, it will be very affluent for you to pull and push. The lightweight of the golf pushcart did not affect its strength.

Caddytek superlite weight

Extra Features!

caddytek superlite review

Golfers need features. That’s why CaddyTek Super Lite Deluxe comes for you with some extra features.  And in our caddytek superlite deluxe golf push cart review we uncovered it! Plastic scoreboard and pencil holder is really important when you are in a training session or in the golfing course. The plastic scorecard and pencil holder well positioned and protected from the rain or snowfall.


caddytek superlite deluxe golf pushcart review

Golf push cart assembly is the name of a great problem for many. So it can be easily assembled which will save you from emotional pain after buying. I still have fond memories of assembling my first golf pushcart. Of course, I don’t want to shorten the name of a model. Ignorance was my own. Folding features is really cool and easy in this CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe golf pushcart.

First, you’ll need to fold the front wheel up towards the handle. You can usually tilt the unit back with your right hand and then press the coloured button above the front wheel with the left hand to disengage the front wheel and then pull it back towards the rear wheels as far as it will go.

caddytek superlite deluxe golf pushcart review


Being honest we are not trying to sell this product to you only! In our caddytek superlite deluxe golf push cart review we tried our best to give you a vast of knowledge about this product. One tricky stuff about this design is that the wire that runs across the struts for 2 back wheels will block you from moving the front wheel all the way back. You can easily move the wire to the front while moving the front wheel back towards the back wheels/handle (it’s a tight fit). Once you get that part finalized, the unit should fold up like a tripod. Hope this  will works!


✅ Very lightweight with heavy aluminum grade metal.
✅ Easy to folding and unfolding with one-click button mechanism.
✅ Patented foot brake that can easily stop your cart.
✅ Good space for canvas storage bags and umbrella holder and plastic scoreboard.
✅ A net to hold small items (perfect for a couple of extra golf balls).


❌Dimensions of the rare wheels are a little bit small as compared to other models.
❌ Some users find front-wheel doesn’t lock into place. But our testing unit was absolutely okay with that.

CaddyTek SuperLite Commonly Asked Questions

Q. Does it fold up?
A. Yes. In our caddytek superlite deluxe golf push cart review we discussed it elaborately (you can check it) . First, you should do the front wheel up in direction to the handle. most of the people usually tilt the unit back
with his right hand and then press the coloured button above the front wheel with the left hand to disengage the front wheel and then pull it back towards the rear wheels as far as it can go.

Q. What is the difference with EZ V8?
A. EZ V8 ( READ IT ) has larger wheels and more storage compartments near the handle.

Lets see a video review!

bagboy c3 pushcart

Our Last Words

Finally we are here at the end of our caddytek superlite deluxe golf push cart review! So here are some last words from me –  You will prefer this cart as the low-cost alternative while still the best available with most outlines. It relates well quality-wise to any of the others, looks good, steers consecutive, and folds to store effortlessly in the trunk.
But I know this specification will fall short for an expert or pro golfer.

So, of course, there was a request for them to look at our another model.
So how about our CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe reviews? We have tried to show you all the theories and aspects of the product in a colourful way.

Thank you for patiently reading the data.
You will definitely the next to our Colorful Reviewers and see you later.

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