Clicgear 3.5 Pushcart REVIEW: IS IT WORTH IT?

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Hmm alright! The name of our review unit is the clicgear 3.5 push cart. The most talked about
and sold model of the time. Clicgear 3.5 is said to be the most perfect cart. And in this review
we will highlight the secret behind so many sales and hype. We will also try to highlight what we find inconsistent in our testing unit.

My 1st Impression!

At the beginning of the review, I would say it’s a bit of an expansive pushcart if you compare it
with others. So while reviewing the clicgear 3.5, one thing kept booming in my head over and
over again, which feature made it most unique and pricey?
Thanks to clicgear It didn’t take long for me to get the answer.

Size Of Clicgear 3.5: big selling point!

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I often tell people that’s there are almost no bad products in today’s golf industry. Can’t believe it? Let’s try to illustrate by example. Suppose you want irons and in the market, you probably can’t find any irons which head and shoulders are way better than others. But the only exception is the Golf Push Cart. In the world of a pushcart, the clicgear has reached such heights that
some golfers do not want to believe in anything other than the clicgear.

The official length of the cart during folded position is 23″ X 15″ X 13″ or it’s shorter than your favorite putter! It is too small that you can easily store it in your sedan trunk with all of your club’s accessories.

storage: Place your

caddytek ez fold 3 review

Clicgear 3.5 has made major upgrades to the storage section. The interesting thing is that before upgrading it was good enough to be able to beat any pushcart! According to clicgear 3.5 the storage net is 80% bigger!

And this bigger storage comes in useful when you’ll bring rangefinders or a camera in your course and when you’ll feel there is a lack of space to put them.  (I hope that won’t happen to you because you are gonna buy clicgear 3.5. Right?). If you’re not a walking media lab person I promise this is also a great place to throw keys, drinks. balls etc. Clicgear also upgraded its cup holder size which is a great feature for us who usually love to carry giant size bottles. The console part is the same as the previous one and its still enough roomy and well architect.

Accessories: WHAT’S NEW HERE?

Caddytek ez fold 3 wheels

In the accessories section, clicgear is always one step ahead of others. Thanks to clicgear now you can add a seat to your cart, a steering knob or you can display your GPS. As there is no hardware attached so you can easily set your cart whatever you want.

The clicgear umbrella angle adjuster is way better than you can imagine. It can stop the maximum rain stoppage in the wind. Tall enough? Don’t worry?! Clicgear adds a little bit extra room for those who are six feet or above like me.


The innovative design of clicgear does not come to end at storing drinks or folding up small. It gives a cool breeze feeling in your on-course performance. The large EVA maintenance-free tires will give you a tenseless golfing experience because your tires are now anti puncher! Additionally, in the unfolded mode Clicgear 3.5+ takes a wide space and this will give you superior and robust feelings. If you’re a golfer like me who usually plays in hilly or windy courses you’ll thank later to clicgear for this. If I say simply there is no terrain that can make trouble to clicgear 3.5+.


if you look closely at this pushcart you can easily say that clicgear spent a lot of time considering user’s comfort. That’s why handle position is now easily adjusted up and down for any size golfers. There is a huge internal improvement in the braking mechanism. I must say visually it’s the same as the previous version. But in clicgear 3.5+ locking cogs are way more easy to arrest. you’ll find the pin is smaller and the cog is bigger – the reason behind that the hitting percentage in the dividers will decrease which usually was a common problem in the past.


Actually my previous section was grown too bigger to read. And I know guys reading bigger section is kinda boring. That’s why I create another section and its about bag strap of clicgear 3.5+!

When everyone is in a race to the strapless design clicgear 3.5+ says a big NO here! ( I’m very happy with that!). This strap gives you felling that your bags and precious clubs are safe no matter how much bump or jolts! In this upgraded version bag straps are longer, more adjustable and easy peasy to use. And for this easy peasy, you can easily switch your bag anytime without sacrificing security.


✅ Effortless to fold with one click button device.
✅ Lightweight with a strong aluminum core and small enough to fit in the trunk of your car.
✅ Wide range of wheels that can move on any landscape.
✅ Storage for beverage and umbrella and GPS holder.
✅ Easy to assemble.
✅ A net to hold small items (perfect for a couple of extra golf balls).


❌ Built-in a storage pouch with a zippered small soft cooler pouch (may fit two beverages max)
❌ Clip-on the handle is slightly weak and may cause damage for inappropriate use.

Our Last Words

As I said before clicgear 3.5+ is truly a perfect pushcart no matter you are amateur or pro golfer! Finally, I want to say again how solid and robust the clicgear architecture is.

This post contains affiliate links.

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