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You can say that I have a bad habit, one thing comes to my head at a time and I start researching it! There is also a story behind to do The Bagboy Quad XL review. Last weekend, I was met by our newly arrived elderly neighbor and two guys around my age. All three were walking with Bagboy XL pushcarts! And that’s where my interest started!

That topic popped into my head and that night after I got home, my research on Bagboy Quad XL began! To be honest,  I’d heard of Clicgear and Sun Mountain, but I didn’t know much about Bagboy Quad XL back then. And knowing nothing else became my main interest.

So here I’ll share with you my experience and all the excitement without ADVERTISING!

In A Rush?
There Are 3 Reasons To Choose From Our Expert Buy!



Why Would It Be On Your Wish List?

It’s smaller, lighter and takes less space – both in folded or unfolded mode.

Introducing a quick clam system for breakdown and handle height are now quickly accessible and hold better.

Now bag position is more upright & the anti-roll feature is the big selling point for me. So no need to worry about twisting your bag when riding.

Why Would It Be On Your Wish List?

✔ Easy to fold with one click button mechanism.

✔  Fairly lightweight and compact with strong aluminium core.

✔  Wide range of wheels that can move on any landscape.

✔ Enclosed storage for beverage and GPS holder.


When I started my research I browsed on various websites and Amazon to read Bagboy Quad
XL review. I instantly like the price if I compared it with Clicgear. But this reason is not so
powerful to make it convenient for me to buy this cart! So what was it that changed my thinking?
Read our colourful review and you will find your answer!

Bagboy Quad XL Is
For YOU!

An individual’s thoughts are different when it comes to purchasing a particular product. So, the color of the shirt that you find in the market is bizarre and it is very popular for many! So there is no condition that your choice should match with my choice but I am not blocking the possibility
of matching.

I know well I won’t buy a pushcart in every couple of years. So if it costs me some extra bucks to maintain quality, I won’t mind!

The thing I had the most interest in was the fact that when I went to the golf course, it was very uncomfortable for me to open a pushcart. I think everyone is staring at me to see how I open the pushcart and how foolish I feel to myself in that time, it may never appear in my inefficient writing.
And if you are in a situation like mine, I will not delay to give you the good news.

Bagboy Quad XL is for YOU!

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The secret of 4 wheeler?

The secret that lies between the three wheels and the four wheels is the durability and the robustness. There are some marked paths on the golf course that is written like “carts path only”. Most golfers here talk to each other and push their cart on the way to the golf course.

Believe it or not, it’s a very bad experience if your Push Cart is not in good balance, it is very annoying to adjust your pushcart direction again and again. Bagboy Quad XL is the best solution for you if you want to get rid of these hassles.

Another great feature and very useful in real life is the maintenance free wheel of the Bagboy Quad XL. So you don’t have to worry about getting the wheel punctured or a few days later filling the air on the wheels. And as a result, you are saving a few bucks once. I know this is not a big deal but do not forget that the scholars appreciate every penny.

A Simple Plan For STORAGE

I have seen many reputable brands that make this storage section extra complimentary. Let’s see what Bagboy C3 did in this case! In Bagboy Quad XL the provided cup holder is extra wide, deeper and I think flexible enough to carry bottles of any size. The bag position is higher so that you can access your club items easily
and quickly.

Besides these extra deep scorecard holder is insane and it will help to keep your
pockets relatively empty. Particularly on the golf course when you’re trying to find divot tools or balls, tees, etc and trying to hold your gloves in the pocket.

Finally, the phone holder feature is a blessing to me. Because there are many people like me who use phone-based GPS! And the wide phone holder will change your entire experience.

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Can Bagboy Quad XL Pass Smaller & Lighter Test?

Understand the importance of being a lightweight and smaller golf push cart is very much fundamental. Especially if you carry your pushcart most often in your car trunk. I’m assuming that Bagboy Quad XL won’t be disappointed you! Let me try to unveil this in our Bagboy Quad XL review.

The folded dimensions of the cart are 24″ x 17″ x 14.2″. And the weight of this cart is only 14.2 lbs! Yes, I’m saying it again it’s only 14.2 lbs!

So all I can say is that it’s light enough to carry in a car. Besides, it’s so light that you can hang it with the hook of your garage if you want. And I forgot to say yes it’s your trunk friendly. You can put it in your car trunk along with your golf clubs. So In our test Bagboy Quad XL PASS and won a
gold medal!

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✅ Smaller & lighter cart and very easy to handle both in folded or unfolded mode.
✅ Four wheels & these four wheels give extra sturdy & balance.
✅ The phone holder is the coolest idea and someone uses it as a GPS holder.
✅ Anti-roll feature is the amazing feature & it’ll save your bag from twisting.
✅ Quick clam systems for brake down and handle height are now quickly accessible.


❌ Some users find parking brake unnecessary and somewhat fragile in nature.

BAGBOY QUAD XL Commonly Asked Questions

Q: Is the handle height of this push cart adjustable?
Yes, it is.
Q: What has changed in design from 2015 to 2020?
A: I have closely observed that the bottle holder is now more centered. Moreover, different color options have become available.

Our Last Words

So how was our Bagboy Quad XL review? It is much more lightweight, sturdy and durable if we consider it to be another pushcart in the same price range. One of the unpleasant truths is that universal golf bags do not fit well in this pushcart. But if you have a Bagboy bag, that’s another
thing. I found a way to overcome this problem! And that is, I turn my bag sideways to strap it in.
If you do not have a great deal of these issues, you can consider this Pushcart.

This post contains affiliate links.

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