How many golf courses in florida?

Florida, with its warm climate, lush landscapes, and abundant sunshine, has long been regarded as a golfing paradise. For enthusiasts, this state offers a staggering number of golf courses, ranging from prestigious Tournament Players Club (TPC) courses to exclusive country clubs.

In this article, we will delve into the world of golf in Florida, exploring the reasons behind its golfing allure, the significance of TPC courses, the exclusive experiences offered by country clubs, and even a brief comparison with New York’s golfing scene. Let’s tee off on this golfing journey through the Sunshine State.

How Many Golf Courses Are in Each US State?

Before diving into Florida’s golfing wonders, let’s set the stage by understanding how the number of golf courses varies across the United States. Golf is a sport beloved by millions, and its popularity has led to a proliferation of golf courses nationwide. In the U.S., there are approximately 15,000 golf courses spread across all 50 states. These courses come in various sizes, designs, and levels of exclusivity, catering to a diverse range of golfers.

Florida stands out prominently on this golfing map, boasting a remarkable concentration of golf courses that beckon both amateurs and professionals alike. To truly appreciate Florida’s golfing prowess, it’s essential to explore why it has become a golfer’s haven.

Why Are There So Many Golf Courses in Florida?

Florida’s Climate and Geographical Advantages

One of the primary reasons behind Florida’s plethora of golf courses is its favorable climate. The Sunshine State lives up to its name, with abundant sunshine throughout the year and mild winters. This climate allows golfers to enjoy the sport virtually year-round, a luxury not afforded in many other states.

Furthermore, Florida’s flat terrain and natural abundance of water features create ideal conditions for golf course design. Architects can craft challenging and visually stunning courses that capitalize on the state’s natural beauty.

Popularity of Golf in Florida

Golf has a special place in the hearts of many Floridians and tourists alike. The state’s culture embraces the sport, with a multitude of golf communities, events, and tournaments happening year-round. The enthusiastic support of golf from the local community contributes to the maintenance and development of numerous golf courses.

Economic Impact of Golf Tourism

Florida’s thriving golf industry has a significant economic impact. The state attracts golf tourists from all over the world who come to experience its top-notch courses and pleasant climate. These visitors not only spend money on golfing fees but also on accommodation, dining, and other leisure activities, boosting the state’s economy.

The Rise of TPC Courses in Florida

What Does TPC Mean in Golf?

The term “TPC” stands for Tournament Players Club, and it carries immense prestige in the golfing world. TPC courses are known for hosting professional tournaments, including events on the PGA Tour. These courses are designed to challenge the skills of the world’s best golfers, making them a sought-after destination for golf enthusiasts.

How Many TPC Courses Are in Florida?

Florida boasts several TPC courses, each with its unique characteristics and challenges. Let’s take a closer look at some of these renowned TPC courses in Florida:

1. TPC Sawgrass – Ponte Vedra Beach

  • Home to the famous “Island Green” at the 17th hole.
  • Hosts The Players Championship, often referred to as golf’s “fifth major.”

2. TPC Tampa Bay – Lutz

  • Known for its lush, tree-lined fairways and pristine conditions.
  • Has hosted numerous PGA Tour qualifiers.

3. TPC Prestancia – Sarasota

  • A challenging course designed by Ron Garl.
  • Offers a private, members-only experience.

These TPC courses are not only a testament to Florida’s golfing prowess but also a chance for avid golfers to experience world-class play.

Country Clubs: Exclusive Golfing Experiences in Florida

In addition to TPC courses, Florida is also home to numerous exclusive country clubs that provide a premium golfing experience. These clubs offer more than just golf; they provide a lifestyle that blends luxury, recreation, and community.

Country clubs often feature:

  • World-class golf courses designed by renowned architects.
  • Upscale dining and social amenities.
  • Exclusive events and networking opportunities.
  • A sense of community and belonging for members.

The number of country clubs in Florida is substantial, catering to a wide range of tastes and preferences. Whether you’re seeking a challenging round of golf or a lavish social experience, these clubs have it all.

A Glimpse into New York’s Golfing Scene

While Florida shines as a golfing paradise, it’s worth taking a moment to compare it with the golfing scene in another prominent state: New York. While Florida’s warm climate allows for year-round golf, New York experiences harsh winters, limiting the golfing season. However, New York compensates with a rich golfing heritage, boasting legendary courses such as Bethpage Black and Shinnecock Hills.

In contrast to Florida’s abundant golf communities, New York focuses more on quality than quantity, with a smaller number of courses that are often ranked among the best in the country.


Florida’s golfing paradise offers a diverse array of golf courses, from the prestigious TPC courses to the exclusive experiences at country clubs. The state’s climate, passion for golf, and economic benefits from golf tourism contribute to its standing as a golfer’s dream destination. As we’ve explored, TPC courses add an extra layer of excitement and competition, while country clubs provide a premium lifestyle for those seeking a more exclusive experience.

While Florida may be the ultimate destination for year-round golfing, other states like New York offer their own unique golfing charm. Whether you’re a Florida native or a golf enthusiast planning your next golfing adventure, one thing is clear: the Sunshine State has something special to offer every golfer, making it a must-visit destination on any golfer’s bucket list. So, grab your clubs and get ready to experience golfing nirvana in the heart of Florida.

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